Shawcross furniture Buying Guide

Sizing Is Key

The sofa will take up a lot of room in your living space, so it is key to ensure that you are happy with the size before you make your purchase. At Sofas & Co, we always aim to ensure you get the full information in advance about your sofa and its dimensions. One useful tip that might help you when trying to envisage the sofa in your front room is to use some magazines or newspaper to map out where it will be. This will enable you to see exactly how much room it will take up in your room. It is also important to measure up any access points such as stairs or doors. You need to make sure that your sofa will fit through the doors and entrance points before you decide to buy it.

Sofa Types

Corner Sofas

Corner Sofas are the ideal solution for seating a large number of people. With up to three standard seats and an open corner chaise that can often be placed on the left or the right-hand side, a corner sofa set is the hub of your living room and a place where you can relax, sit or lounge around with ease.

Chesterfield Sofas

A Chesterfield Sofa is very distinctive in design and has unique styling features such as deep button-back upholstery, rolled arms and often a very sturdy and supportive base that is topped with deep and comfortable cushions.

Velvet Sofas

A velvet sofa is an ultimate sofa in terms of comfort and super-soft fabrics that ooze style. These are a very popular choice right now. We offer a range of velvet sofa sets with optional footstools available.

Fabric Sofas

Fabric Sofas come in a range of 2-Seater, 3-Seater, and corner options. The fabrics used are long-lasting, comfortable and built to last. Available in a wide-range of colours, fabric sofas are versatile and hard-wearing.

Branded Sofas

Sofas & Co are proud to stock a range of sofas which are manufactured by some of the leading brands and high street stores such as Sofology and John Lewis. Great prices are assured, and formidable quality is guaranteed.

Reclining Sofas

A recliner sofa gives you the ability to have your sofa seat in an upright position, or to have it relaxed back and reclined. There are inbuilt footrests on nearly all models, and some come with electric remote controls for ease of operation.

Types of Leather

Bonded Leather

This particular material is a reconstituted leather which means it both looks and feels the same as genuine leather but is available for a much lower price. It is tough, long-lasting and provides an eco-friendlier manufacturing process than that of real leather.

Bycast Leather

This is a split type of leather which has a layer of polyurethane coated across the surface which is also embossed. The end-result is a product that is straightforward to maintain, and one which has a texture akin to real leather without the expense.

PU Leather

This is a type of synthetic leather which is constructed using a thick layer of polyurethane that is applied to a leather substrate. It costs significantly less than genuine leather, and it is also very easy to maintain.


Also known as Polyvinyl Chloride, this particular material is very low-cost, water resistant, long-lasting, and it is great for manufacturers to work with as it is easy to manipulate and adapt to suit a range of pieces, it has a nice sheen finish.

Real Leather

The Genuine article. Considered to be a luxury option that will withstand the test of time. Although it costs slightly more than some of the other options, the style, smell, and overall quality are second to none.


This is made from an identical material as leather. It goes through a buffing and brushing process to give it a furry and soft feel.

Types of Fabric


This type of fabric is constructed using a soft yarn which is twisted to give it a distinctive appearance. When viewed from one direction, it looks different than if viewed from the other. As the individual fibres catch the light a little differently from one another.


A Soft, silky-smooth fabric that is constructed used woven tufts of exceptionally even distributed threads. It has a dense yet short pile that both looks and feels like luxury.


Perhaps one of the most understated fabrics available, it is breathable, comfortable and exceptionally versatile. Usually available in a range of patterns and colours to suit individual tastes and styling options.


This particular fabric is very fine in nature and very resistant to staining. It can be cleaned with ease, and these particular types of fabrics used on a sofa make them ideal for those who may suffer from allergies.

Type of Cushions


This particular type of cushion is generally firm and very good at retaining their shape. They are supportive and relatively easy to maintain.

Fibre and Down

The cushions are filled with a super-soft down that is wrapped in a fibre layer which adds additional support and structure.

All Down

The ultimate in luxury cushions, all-down are soft and sensuous. However, they do need to be plumped up each day in order that they keep their shape.

Foam and Fibre

Foam and Fibre cushions offer a combination of benefits that provide an easy maintenance option, shape retaining features along with a special softness that is supportive at the same time.


Fibre filled cushions are known for their softness and offer a great level of comfort. When you have fibre cushions you get that feeling of sinking into your sofa. They do require a little bit of plumping each day so that they do not lose their shape.

Types of Arms

Rolled Arms

A rolled arm on a sofa is most synonymous with Chesterfield styles. However, it is now used across a wide-range of sofas. Generally, the front panel is flat and forms a roll at the top. It offers a distinctive and supportive finish.

Straight Arms

This is exactly what it sounds like, a straight arm. These tend to be found on more modern types of sofa and provide excellent support, as well as a place to rest items without worrying about them falling off.


Most commonly seen in more contemporary styles of sofa. Armless sofas have no arms whatsoever.

Padded Arms

Sofas with padded arms come in a range of shapes and styles. Generally, there is additional foam or fibre fillings inside to give extra support and comfort.

Curved Arms

A curved arm is something that is inspired by traditional British design heritage. It is not as exaggerated as a rolled arm but still adds a touch of class and elegance to the sofa.